The California Board of Registered Nurses (BRN) defines a content expert as a faculty member who has educational preparation and clinical expertise in one or more of five BRN-designated specialty areas: geriatrics, medical-surgical nursing, mental health/psychiatric nursing, obstetrics, or pediatrics (CCR section 1420(f) of the CA BRN criteria). The specific BRN criteria (CCR section 1425f) for designation as a Content Expert are:

1)     Designation as an “Instructor” by the BRN

2)     A master's degree in the designated area, OR a master's degree in another area and

a.     One of the following:

          i.     30 hours of continuing education in the designated area or

         ii.     3 quarter units or 2 semester units of nursing education related to the designated area or

        iii.     National certification in the designated nursing area from an accrediting organization (e.g. ANCC)

b.     One of the following:

          i.     A minimum of 240 hours of clinical experiences within the previous 3 years in the designated area or

         ii.     A minimum of one academic year of RN level clinical teaching experience in the designated nursing area within the previous 5 years

Content experts are valuable resources for curriculum planning, implementation, and evaluation. Additionally, content experts provide assistance as needed for faculty in course planning and for students in career planning.

UCLA School of Nursing faculty who serve as BRN-designated Content Experts:


BRN-designated Specialty  SON Faculty Member
Medical-Surgical Emma Cuenca
Barbara Demman
Geriatrics Emma Cuenca
Maternity Anita Bralock
Mental Health Charlene Niemi
Pediatrics Takiyah Rowe