Preceptors and Volunteer Assistant Clinical Professors (VACP) offer students individual perspectives and hands-on experience in a variety of health care settings and specialties. The cumulative effect of what these volunteers impart plays a significant role in the care any health system delivers.

  • Clinical preceptors/VACP are integral to the future of nursing:
    • They volunteer their time and energy, using education and training in an effort to assure that the profession grows and thrives
    • They provide students with learning experiences that prepare them for the role of expert care provider.
  • Preceptors can advance their career by becoming a UCLA Volunteer Assistant Clinical Professor by participating in CE opportunities, and collaborating on projects within the School of Nursing. The full criteria for becoming a VACP is available here

NOTE: All appointed Volunteer Assistant Clinical Professors are required to complete all UCLA Compliance Trainings. These trainings are available through the UC Learning Center (link is external), a learning management system (LMS) deployed across the University of California for systemwide employee training and development. To access required training, log into the UC Learning Center using your UCLA Logon ID and password.
Training is an essential part of an effective compliance and ethics program. Education and training has been developed to ensure that the UCLA community understands their responsibilities.