Our mission is to provide SON faculty with research administrative support to Principal Investigators and their research teams. We provide financial and compliance management from inception to date of research funds (sponsored and non-sponsored) considering Sponsor and University policies.

We are comprised of Angela Cortes (Director) acortes@sonnet.ucla.edu, Rio Cruz (Senior Fund Manager) RBCruz@sonnet.ucla.edu, and Omar Torres (Fund Manager) OmarTorres@sonnet.ucla.edu.

Each PI is assigned a fund manager, who will provide financial reporting and serve as a liaison to help navigate sponsor and university policies to complete their research. 

For example, but not limited to: research staff hires, purchases, proposals, sponsor prior approvals, subawards, Other Support, Progress Reports

Click here to see our Fund Manager assignment list by PI 

*REMINDER* Before incurring any expenditures with research/university funds reach out to your assigned fund manager to ensure compliance with university and sponsor guidelines. Fund Manager Approval is required on all expenses. Reimbursement for non-travel and non-entertainment expenses are not guaranteed and are highly discouraged by UCLA Accounts Payable and are always a last resort after all other procurement methods (i.e., PO and Pcard) have been considered.

For any additional questions, please contact Angela Cortes email: acortes@sonnet.ucla.edu