Academic integrity refers to your honesty in your academic work. Your UCLA education carries a prestige based on trust in our University, and that trust rests on a foundation of academic integrity. That is why a violation of academic integrity is taken extremely seriously. If you are dishonest in your academic endeavors, you are impinging not just on your personal integrity, but also on the reputation of UCLA. Should you step over the line, even in what may seem to you to be a minor way, you will face severe consequences. There are many guides on academic integrity available to you. If in doubt, contact your academic advisor. (Ask Student Affairs if you don't know who that is.) You may find helpful Bruin Success with Less Stress located at, an interactive online tutorial designed to help students understand intellectual property issues and proper citing techniques.  Another on-line tool to prevent plagiarism is  More information on this detection – prevention tool is available on each instructor’s MyUCLA page ( next to the icons for the Electronic Gradebook and real-time Course Rosters. 

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