Fee Exemption

Most TAs are hired at 25% and work approximately 10 hours per week for the entire quarter, including Finals Week (Week 11) and also proctor exams and assist with grading.  TAs hired at 25% or higher are eligible for a Fee Remission Benefit in the quarter they are hired. 

Balance of Fees

Fee Remissions do not cover all graduate student fees.  Any additional fees are the responsibility of the graduate student to be paid before the quarter deadline.

Salary Scales

Academic Apprentice Salary Scales is set by the University and the TA union contract.  There are three steps in the teaching apprenticeship series: assistant, associate, and fellow, and the step depends on your experience as a TA and units you have completed in the graduate program.

Childcare Reimbursement Program

TAs hired at 25% or above are also eligible for the UCLA Childcare Reimbursement Program of up to $600 per quarter for expenses incurred during the appointment period.  This program is for registered UCLA students holding at least a 25% ASE or GSR appointment during the academic year and who have qualified dependent(s).

TA Advance Loans

Please refer to the Statement of Understanding for deadlines and information about TA Advance Loans.