The primary duty of TAs is assistance in all aspects of instruction (tutoring, grading, advising, sectional teaching, sectional laboratory teaching, field work teaching, limited lecturing).  These duties are performed under the supervision of faculty "instructors of record" who are vested with the sole and final responsibility for course content, work assignments, performance evaluations and grading in the assigned course. 

Nursing TA responsibilities may include:


Assist with teaching and instruction:

  • Attend all course lectures and be available during Finals Week
  • Assist faculty with course syllabus, visual aids, quizzes, answer keys, class notes, and other materials to post on theCommon Collaboration and Learning Environment (CCLE) or "MOODLE" course website
  • Lead discussion sections, tutorials, laboratory sections, and provide limited lecturing as agreed upon with the course faculty
  • Provide review sessions and lead laboratory remediation activities
  • Hold regular office hours, online sessions, and answer student emails
  • Order textbooks, and copy and distribute materials for the class


Assessment and evaluation activities:

  • Review/update grading rubric for evaluating course assignments
  • Develop /review test questions for quizzes, exams or practice tests
  • Provide feedback to students on class assignments
  • Proctor all course examinations and testing, including midterm, final and Kaplan exam, medication exams, 321 Calc, and laboratory activities such as Skills Labs and OSCE
  • Use MOODLE to monitor student activities, administer quizzes
  • Schedule scoring of exams with Evalution of Instruction Program (EIP)
  • Calculate and submit grades via MyUCLA: MyGradeBook


Use of Instructional Technology:

  • Create and update all parts of the CCLE/MOODLE course web page
  • Develop instructional aids (e.g., powerpoint slides, video clips, podcasts)
  • Develop and assist with simulated learning experiences, such as SIMs and OSCE
  • Learn additional software and technology when needed, such as 321 Calc, iClickers
  • Assist faculty in the use of audiovisual equipment: Audio Visual Services.


Conducting Discussion Sections of a Large Lecture Course The TA meets with a small section each week for one or two hours. The sections normally supplement lectures conducted by the faculty member offering the course. In addition, the TA normally assists with the evaluation of student papers and other projects and may also assist with the preparation, proctoring, and grading of examinations. The TA may be required to hold office hours and serve as an assistant to the faculty member in charge of the course.

Assisting in Laboratory Sections of Lecture Courses The particular manner in which TAs assist with and/or conduct the lab will depend upon the department, the discipline, and the course. Generally, TA duties include laboratory preparation, teaching laboratory techniques and equipment usage, and assisting or evaluating students on laboratory assignments and reports. The TA may be required to hold office hours and serve as an assistant to the faculty member in charge of the course.

Office Hours TAs are required to hold office hours to answer students' qeustions about course material or assignments. It is also important to be available by appointment for students who cannot make your office hours. Office hours count towards the 25% appointment workload.  Factor 3-658 is available for TA office hours on a first-come, first served basis. If you have trouble accessing the rooms, please contact Zoe Taylor:

Virtual Office Hours TAs may be required to hold virtual office hours. The introduction of course webpages may involve discussion boards where students can post their questions to TAs. Because it may be time-consuming to respond to student emails, an instructor may ask the TA to spend at least one of their regular office hour sessions online. If this is the case, let students know at the beginning of the quarter when you will check the discussion board, and how much time you will spend doing so. Let students know where they can find information such as weekly assignments and what you expect them to use the course webpage for to avoid any conflicts during the quarter. Encourage students to use this resource and offer to show the webpage and its features to students during office hours as well.

Electronic Teaching Electronic teaching methods are now a part of many undergraduate courses. For example, TAs may be expected to respond to student comments and questions posted on a course webpage discussion board. TA and faculty should discuss how much time TAs will devote to student postings and how frequently webpages should be checked for student email. TA and faculty should also discuss these policies with students at the beginning of the quarter so that students have realistic expectations regarding the use of webpage discussion boards.