The Collegium of University Teaching Fellows (CUTF) is an innovative program that creates unique learning opportunities for both graduate teaching fellows and undergraduate students on campus. Through the program, some of UCLA's very best advanced graduate students have the opportunity to develop and teach a lower division seminar in their field of specialization on a one-time only basis. This experience serves as a "capstone" to the teaching apprenticeship, preparing them for the academic job market and their role as future faculty. At the same time, undergraduates enrolled in CUTF seminars have the chance to take courses that are at the cutting edge of a discipline, and to experience the benefits of participating in a small-seminar environment.

Distinguished Teaching Award is given annually by the UCLA Academic Senate.  Continuing graduate students that teach in graduate or undergraduate courses must be nominated by their department.  TA Ward recipients receive a cash award of $2,500 and a $18,000 Dissertation Fellowship Award from the UCLA Graduate Division.

TA Mini-Grants of up to $250 are awarded by the UCLA Office of Instructional Development for the purpose of stimulating experimentation and improving curricula and pedagogy.