Lyft is now a contracted ride-hailing provider for UCLA. This enables schools and departments to work with Lyft to set up transportation programs that support your university travel needs.

Examples of how departments can utilize Lyft for official business:

  • Business travel direct billing
  • Campus visitor transportation
  • Patient or healthcare transportation to support research
  • Transportation for off-campus activities and site visits for student organizations
  • Event transportation

Instructions – Submitting a Lyft Concierge Request:

  1. Complete a SON-Lyft Concierge Request Form and send the form to your Fund Manager/Director.
  2. Fund Manager/Director will verify funding and send to SON-Business Office for processing.
  3. Purchasing Coordinator will process the order within 48 hours of receipt.   
  4. Purchasing Coordinator will send Lyft Concierge confirmation/details to the requestor.   


Be sure to login using your MedNet/SONNET credentials to access forms