Reimbursements are always a last resort after all other procurement methods (i.e., PO and PCard) have been considered. To ensure compliance with IRS rules, non-T&E reimbursements must be submitted within 60 days of the date the expense was incurred. Reimbursements submitted after 60 days will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Reimbursements older than 364 days require exceptional approval from UCLA executive leadership.

Reimbursements require a review and approval process, creating a lengthy turnaround time with no guarantee of reimbursement if an employee uses personal funds to purchase goods or services that violate UC policy or that require Purchasing involvement. This is not due to the amount but due to cyber security, accessibility, Terms and Conditions, possible tax implications that may place the University at risk.

UCLA provides several options to purchase goods from vendors and has vendor agreements in place. When ordering, UCLA preferred vendors must first be considered given they provide discounted pricing on items and offer perks such as waived shipping fees. For an extensive list of vendors who have service agreements with the University, see the Vendor Agreements List.

Reimbursement limit is $1,000 per transaction. This requirement does not apply to the following expense types: 

  • Conference Registration 
  • Licenses (certifications/permits) 
  • Memberships (business and professional) 

NOTE: Partial reimbursements are not permitted.


Instructions – Submitting a Non-Travel Reimbursement Request:

  1. Complete a SON-Non-Travel Reimbursement Request Form and send the form to your Fund Manager/Director.
  2. Send the form and all supporting documents (receipts) to your Fund Manager/ Director.  
  3. Fund Manager/Director will verify funding and send the request to the Business Office at SONDLBusinessManagement@sonnet.ucla.edu 
  4. Purchasing Coordinator will process within 2 days of receipt.
  5. Employees will receive reimbursement based on the UCPath payroll payment method.

Examples of Unallowable Transactions for Non-Entertainment and Non-Travel Related Reimbursement Requests:

  • Purchases using a gift-card
  • Purchases of gift-cards 
  • Software 
  • Any goods that include Software/IT
  • App purchase (via Apple Store/Google)
  • Home office furniture or furnishings 
  • Parking at UCLA parking facilities (Non-University staff may receive exception)
  • Donations/Sponsorships/Contributions on behalf of the University
  • Altered University Equipment (custom engraving, permanent placards) 
  • Framed certificates, prints for one’s own office
  • Extravagant Items (Designer items, high end electronics, and other items known for their brand)
  • Personal Use Items (i.e., microwave, refrigerator, space heaters, coffee-making equipment – i.e., Keurig Single-Serve Coffee Maker)
  • General stocking of coffee/beverage condiments for staff
  • Ornamental/Decorative items (i.e., pictures, vases, planters, plants, artwork/posters, decorations (including holiday)
  • Cell phones & accessories on personal accounts
  • Athletic Equipment Supplies (sports/fitness equipment) 
  • Citations
  • Late fees and finance charge fees
  • Personal or social memberships (i.e., UCLA Faculty Center)
  • Service-oriented transactions are NOT reimbursable and should never be paid for by University employees (i.e., consultants, independent contractors, repairs/maintenance services, advertisements, photography/videography services, etc.)

**UCLA Policies 740/741 – Attachment A (Purchase Restrictions) 


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