License/Membership, Subscription Renewals, Training/Courses

The SON Business Office has procurement methods in place to pay for any license/membership renewals, subscriptions, or training courses. 

  1. PCard: UCLA's Procurement Card (PCard) is a Visa card for staff who have buying responsibilities. The card simplifies purchasing of the most common, low-cost goods and services.
    • Please contact the SON-Business Office to arrange a call/meeting to pay any fees with our Departmental PCard. 
    • Please have Fund Manager/Director approval (email) before contacting the SON-Business Office to process the request. 
      (Foreign purchases are limited)

Procurement Card Benefits:

  • Accepted by all vendors that take Visa.
  • Eliminates purchase order and invoice processing.
    **Some common products and services cannot be purchased using a PCard because of funding or policy restrictions. Common Procurement (PCard) Restrictions 
  1. Purchase Order: Have UCLA pay your license/membership fee directly to the vendor via a (PO/LVO). 
    *Please submit 60 days before the due date to allow timely processing. 
    • Submit a copy of the membership fee form (the order must show the payee’s mailing address) with Fund Manager/Director approval to the SON-Business Office. 
    • The SON-Business Office will verify if the payee is a registered vendor.
    • If the payee is not a vendor the SON-Business Office will initiate vendor enrollment via PaymentWorks. (This can take 2-3 weeks, please plan accordingly) 
    • Once the vendor is enrolled, the SON-Business Office will create a PO and submit a request to UCLA Accounts Payable for payment processing. 
    • A check/direct deposit will be sent directly to the vendor. 

**Make sure the vendor's name, remittance address, and the due date are clearly indicated on the registration form. 

Hiring Independent Contractor, Consultant

To comply with the laws, policies and procedures, Campus Purchasing can only issue a Purchase Order (P.O.) and/or agreement to a consultant or contractor when the following documents are received in a complete package. Work cannot begin until there is signed agreement in place. 

  1. Independent Contractor Pre-Hire Worksheet (PDF)
  2. Independent Contractor/Consultant Form
  3. Sole Source Form (if applicable): For Federally‐funded purchases ≥$10,000 and non‐Federally‐funded purchases ≥$100,000: Source Selection & Price Reasonableness Justification Form
  4. General Liability Insurance (Proof adequate insurance is required. A waiver may be requested under certain circumstances. Insurance Waiver Request will need to be submitted)
    • Certificate of Insurance naming UCLA as certificate holder and endorsed (see information below)
      The Regents of the University of California, Los Angeles 
      c/o UCLA Procurement and Solutions Group 
      10920 Wilshire Blvd.  Suite 650 
      Los Angeles, CA 90024 
  5. Scope of Work – A proposal from the independent contractor/consultant in writing and should include, but not necessarily be limited to, the following: An overall description of the techniques by which the contractor/consultant intends to approach the problem, contractor/consultant resources to be expended, the anticipated beginning and ending dates for the services, equipment, and facilities to be utilized. 
  6. CV of contractor – To confirm contractor/consultant's qualifications, with a brief list of similar types of consulting contracts successfully concluded (a sample of such work when appropriate). 

*Consult with your Fund Manager/Director for funding approval.

Withholding on Payments to California Nonresidents 

Non-wage payments to nonresidents of California are subject to 7% state income tax withholding if the total payments during a calendar year exceed $1,500. If providing services virtually (i.e., Zoom) please provide the SON-Business Office the location of the services. (e.g., Dr. Smith provided consultation services from his home in Durham, North Carolina.)

California nonresidents include:

  • Individuals who are not residents of California.
  • Business entities such as corporations, partnerships or LLCs that are either not registered with the California Secretary of State to do business in California or have no permanent place of business in California.

Payments subject to withholding include:

  • Payments to nonresident independent contractors who provide services in California.
  • Other non-wage payments of California source income to nonresidents such as leases, rents, royalties, winnings, and payouts.

At year end, the California non-resident will receive from the University a Form 592B which reports the gross income paid and state tax withheld.